European budget, sustainable travel


Eurapart exists to help other like minded folk, travel Europe on a budget and in a manner that reduces the impact on the environment.
Neither a corporate entity nor a company; Eurapart is John Williams, a person passionate about sustainable travel and snowboarding, but he has a limited budget. This site is here to share some of his experience and tips.



Eurapart is probably the best resource for an overview if cheap hotel chains in Europe. In the early days of the site there were lost of emails asking for information on these hotels. They are excellent for anyone travelling to a destination by car, as most are by main highways. Then to complete the resource there is coverage of Hostels, Premium Budget, Luxury, apartments, houses, chalets an villas. In addition there is information on Late Booking deals.


Budget airlines were the biggest earner for the site (albeit with a warning about carbon emissions until 2009. Then a decision was made to drop them in favour of more sustainable modes of transport such as Trains, Buses, Ferries.

Winter Sports

Winter Image

As John thinks about snowboarding virtually every day, this is another growing section of the site. You might consider snowboarding and skiing to be prohibitively expensive, but this need not be the case. This winter John will be based in Chamonix,and will publish insider tips and information for visitors on a budget.

What else is on Eurapart?

The guide pages on this site have been removed and are undergoing a revamp. Guides will reappear when they are revised. There is also a section on European Hypermarket Chains and a page on WiFi and cheap ways to access Pay as You Go SIM cards to access 3G data in other countries. There is also a blog sharing some of the locations John has visited which will include basic visitor information and of course some news of offers for budget travellers.

Above all remember the two rules of travel: